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Hair & Body Bar Dish

Hair & Body Bar Dish

Beautiful, handmade walnut or maple soap dishes that elevate the design of your bathroom with a sophisticated, yet minimalist feel. Designed and made exclusively by hand for Heffen products by Jenn Freeman with Rewt Design.


Each dish is water safe and keeps your bar dry and preserved. Designed specifically for shower and bath niches, these dishes are only 3.5 inches wide, and hold Heffen shampoo bars, conditioner bars and body bars.

Choose the size that is best for you. Each option is engraved to help you remember each bar (shampoo, conditioner and body) after extended use.


Dish Dimensions:

3 bar - 3.25 x 7.25 (marked with S, C, B)

2 bar - 3.25 x 5  (marked with S, C)


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