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Image by Andrea Zignin


Our Story

Have you ever looked around your house, really looked, and noticed how many items are housed in plastic? A lot. In fact, I
dare you to go to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room and
take count. 

That's what I did and I realized there has to be a better way. As a frequent sailer and beach goer, I see the problem firsthand. We only have one planet and one life, and each one of us plays a vital role in the health of our home, community, and planet. However, after searching, I found a few products that made
sustainability desirable.

That is where Heffen comes in. Heffen means "to raise" in
Dutch and our mission is to raise the standards on everyday household essentials.  

Over several months, I worked with natural biochemists, perfumers and industry experts to come up with something truly special. After many products trials, we've created products that are better for the planet and, I believe, something you will love using. 






Alayna Van Hall, founder



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