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The experience you deserve, without the plastic waste.

Best Sellers

Our mission is to elevate the standard on everyday household items by creating waste-free products that work beautifully
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Elevated Standards

Worthy of you and the planet

  • 100% Plastic-Free

  • Handmade

  • High-Quality, Plant-Based Ingredients

  • Luxury Salon Experience

  • Designed with Sephora + Whole Foods Standards 
    (including no parabens, no phthalates, no known or suspected carcinogens, and no endocrine disruptors)


"Wow! Not only is my hair healthier and fuller. But I don't even need product to create volume! And it lasts for days. Best shampoo and conditioner ever."
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"We didn't take the easy route...We spent over a year working with cosmetic chemists, perfumers and industry experts testing and refining our products. We researched thousands of plants to find the few that would provide remarkable nurishment to your hair and scalp. And our products are already improving the lives of our testers. We can't wait to share them with you!"

- Alayna Donahue, founder



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Sustainability redefined

Heffen was inspired by the need to do everything we can for a better future for our planet and our bodies, while not compromising the functionality and luxury we deserve from our favorite household staples. 

As an avid sailor and beach goer, our founder saw the amount of plastic in the ocean firsthand. While there is a large movement to tackle this problem, she could't find the products she loved without compromising on quality, design or sustainability. So she founded Heffen. 

Heffen translates to "raise or lift" in Dutch. We are raising the standards on home essentials by creating products that don't compromise. Some might call it "Heffen on Earth".

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